Price $ 14.00
2012 Moscato
Summary: Heritage Collection, Moscato

Vineyard Notes:

We grow these grapes in an old-fashioned head pruned style yielding less than 3 tons per acre of intense fruit.  We are continually managing hand treatments of shoot thinning and leaf pulling which result in a maximum of light infiltration into canopy developing into grapes bursting with sugars. 


Winemaker Notes:

After picking the grapes by hand they are transported to the winery and lightly pressed.  Juice is immediately separated from the skins to keep the beautiful straw color.  The juice is then moved into stainless steel tanks and fermentation is started.  In the tanks it continues under the winemaker’s careful eye to maintain proper temperature and acidity to produce the intense caramel and fruit.  It remains in the stainless steel tanks till fermentation is finished.  The finished wine is immediately chilled, stabilized and bottled. 


Tasting Notes:

Aromas of ripe melon, lime, lemon meringue and peach pie overwhelm your olfactory senses. What more can you ask for, this Moscato recalls everything about Spring.  Lush flavors of fresh sweet honeydew melons, so juicy they drip down your arms, are balanced by ripe Crenshaw melon, white peaches and a soft honeysuckle finish. Are you getting spring fever yet?