Price $ 14.00
2012 Viognier
Summary: The Heritage Collection, Estate Grown, Lodi


Peirano Estate Vineyards 2012 Viognier
The Heritage Collection
Estate Grown, Lodi

Vineyard Notes:
Even in the wonderful climate of Lodi, Viognier is still a challenge in the vineyard. Right from bud break, we have to be constantly vigilant for proper fruit set, maintain good canopy management using shoot positioning and leaf pulling and promote even and thorough ripening of this fickle variety by bunch thinning. We also have to be careful of mildew in the vineyard, and take great care in dusting the vineyard at proper intervals to ensure the health of the vine. A growing season in 2012 allowed the fruit to gain a great balance between sugar, acid and other flavors. The hand-selected crop was brought into the winery in small bins, in peak condition.

Winemaking Notes:
The grapes were gently pressed and the juice allowed settling in cool stainless tanks for best results. Fermented to near-dryness, The Heritage Collection 2012 Viognier was then aged in all French oak barrels, of which only 4% were new. The process of small barrel aging will allow the wine to slightly concentrate its essence, while we make sure to keep the barrels topped every two weeks to keep out any oxygen.

Tasting Notes:

Peaches, pineapple, and tropical fruit are complemented by the scent of lemons and ginger.  Lush flavors of fresh ripe peaches so juicy they drip down your arm are balanced by flavors of apples, pears and orange marmalade.   The balance of fruit and a touch of sunshine lead to a refreshing finish. This wine will remind you of a spring day on a mountainside.  We suggest serving this wine at 57-60 degrees, to allow the full characters of Viognier to shine through.